Tips for making Economy Class Travel feel like a Business Class Experience

Traveling can get extremely tiring and uncomfortable, especially long-haul trips in an airplane. Sitting in a confined space for hours gets annoying, and the only solution appears to be an upgrade to a luxurious business class seat. The luxury of money, however, is only available to a few of us. The good news is some travel tactics can improve the flight experience and enable the economy class travelers have a more enjoyable, relaxing trip. Here are a few tips for a long-haul travel anyone can implement to ensure their trip is perfectly smooth and comfortable.

Book Bulk Head Seats

Although you’ll have to pay a bit more, booking bulkhead seats is a great way to ensure you have more leg space. Bulkhead seats don’t have any chairs in front, giving you more leg room, even more than an economy plus seat. You also won’t have to worry about people in front reclining their chairs into your leg space. All you need to do is book these open seats by paying some extra money, but it’ll be completely worth it. No more cramped up legs during a long flight.

Get Your Own Essentials

After being able to sit comfortably, you still need some essentials for an even better travel experience. The airline provided cushions and blankets might not cut it when you need a nice sleep through a long flight. Investing in some lavish mini products, such as a neck pillow and eye mask from the Duty-Free shops is also a great way to amp up your travel experience. When you treat yourself, you’ll feel much more content and relaxed. Getting some necessary products for medical conditions is also something to consider, such as a lumbar cushion for lower back support.

Buy FlyPal Inflatable Foot Rest Cushion

f you want to have more comfortable rest on the airplane, you’ll definitely want to invest in the FlyPal, which is an inflatable foot rest cushion that makes your travel life so much easier. You can buy one or even two Flypal to use as leg or foot rests to lift your feet up to some extent of luxury that only business travelers can experience. For children especially, the cushion can fill up the legroom and convert the seat into a small bed to allow children lie down flat. Traveling with your little ones can seem like a difficult task, but the FlyPal can make it easily manageable. The cushion is perfect for both babies and toddlers by giving them a comfortable place to nap. You can even use the pillow in hotel rooms, restaurants, and cars. It’s suitable for all kinds of situations during your travel and is made for all age groups as well.

There are various inflatable footrests in the market, but FlyPal inflatable footrest is highly recommended due to the following reasons,

Multi-heights and Multi-function

The patented design of Flypal provides its users with multi-heights and multi-function. Flypal is made of two cushions. This unique 2-in-1 design provides three different heights and sizes and allows the cushion to have a variety of functions, including acting as foot rest, leg rest, lumbar cushion or a travel bed for children. This feature of the FlyPal is superior to other inflatable cushions in the market. The strategic placement of the two pieces allows the cushion to be adjusted to the ideal angle or height for you. You won’t be able to find so many customization options in any other inflatable cushions.

Premium Look and Material

The FlyPal is made from a REACH-verified fully flocked PVC that allows the cushion to provide full comfort. The FlyPal gives added warmth and a cozy touch because of its premium material design. The PVC material is known to be a completely hygienic, durable, and environment-friendly material. The high-quality material also looks great, so you don’t have to compromise style for comfort. FlyPal has it all, good looks and fantastic functionality.

Portable and Easy to Use

You can take the FlyPal with you anywhere you want, and its quick installment and easy carrying make it the easiest-to-use product for long-haul travel. The cushion provides you with luxury during any long-haul travel. Double seal air valves allow the pillow to inflate in less than two minutes and deflating as quickly as a few seconds. The cushion fits perfectly into any suitcase, car, and even your home or office drawer. The Velcro on the sides are also simple to operate so the cushion’s different orientations can be interchanged within seconds.

Tailored for Medical Conditions

The FlyPal inflatable foot rest cushion is specially made to ease temporary or chronic medical conditions that are aggravated during long-haul travel. Long hours of sitting idle can take a toll on anyone’s lower back, neck, feet, and knees. Elevating and resting your legs and feet can ease the pain of leg cramps and muscle aches, and conditions such as swollen feet can be prevented. Those who are recovering from knee surgery can use the FlyPal cushion to elevate their knee and keep it safe and pain-free. Each tip for a long-haul journey has been crafted specially to make your traveling experience more enjoyable and memorable. During travel, there are countless things are concerned about; however, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your comfort or convenience. These three main tips can transform your entire traveling experience, so even those on a strict budget can get the feel of a luxurious first-class seat. Booking bulkhead seats only cost a few extra bucks, and it’ll keep you a lot more comfortable than a regular airline seat. The FlyPal inflatable footrest definitely is a way to make your long-haul travel goes smoothly. It has so many features that let you travel super comfortably and in style.