Frequently Asked Questions

Flypal Inflatable Foot Rest

Is the inflated Flypal foot rest stable?

Less inflating can increase Flypal stability.

Do not over-inflate as over-inflation will decrease the stability of the cushion. 90% is the ideal inflation level. Use the “Grab Test” to identify the ideal inflation level. After inflating if you can still take hold of one corner of the cushion in one hand this means that Flypal is inflated ideally. If the cushion is too tight to hold then this means the Flypal is over-inflated.

To increase stability of Flypal, you can put a cardboard preferably 24 cm x 44cm (same size as the bottom of the footrest) into the dust cover. This will make the footrest more stable. Preventing it from moving side to side.

What holds the two pieces together?

They are attached together by Velcro

How much does Flypal weigh?

The total weight of two cushions is 590g (1.3 pound).

How much weight can it hold if sit on?

The Flypal can hold up to 32kg. The Flypal is designed to work as a foot rest/ leg rest or an air bed for children. We won’t recommend sitting on it.

Our cushions could support a child under 4 (under 25kg) to lie on it in air plane. Our cushions can be used as foot/leg rest stools/ cushions, but we would not recommend to sit on it for anyone over 25kg.

How do I clean the cushions? can I put them in the washing machine?

We would not recommend washing in a washing machine. A soapy cloth wipe down & rinse should do the trick on any marks. You can submerge in water but close the valves so water does not get inside to prevent moisture build up and possible mould growth.

Can kids still use seatbelt in airplane when they use Flypal inflatable Leg Rest?

The cushions are used to rest their legs, and you can still put seatbelt over their belly.

Would the inflated foot rest fit the legroom of economy class seats?

Flypal is designed to fit the standard legroom of most airlines, but some economy airlines have narrower legroom. In this case, inflate less air to make Flypal smaller which make them easier to fit into the legroom.

The inflated small cushion can easily fit under the economy class seats.

If you plan to use the large cushion, we highly recommend you use it at the window seat or on the middle seat of the center row so as to not block other passengers.

If you use the Flypal set (small cushion and big cushion together) on the aisle seat, when other passage need to pass, you can remove the small cushion (top cushion) to lower the cushion set height to 29cm which will make other passengers pass easier.

What size is it when not inflated? Is it compact to store and carry?

Flypal Inflatable Foot Rest Cushions are easy to fold and carry. The size of packed bigger cushion is 14cm x 4.5 cm x 21cm and the size of packed small cushion is 14cm x 2cm x 21cm. The size of packaging box is 17cm x 7cm x 25cm. The cushion set comes with a zipper carry bag made of durable 230D Nylon with the size of 25cm x 20cm which is large enough to carry two cushions.

Is Flypal Inflatable foot rest allowed to use on airplanes?

Using the inflatable foot rest as a children’s air bed on airplanes is a grey area. We recommend you check with the airlines that you are planning to travel with to avoid any disappointment.

Most airlines have no problem with using inflatable foot rest at bulkhead seats.

You won’t have any problem to use the small part of Flypal as a footrest on airplane, but some airlines may not allow to use the large part as it might be an obstruction in case of an emergency (even the Flypal is less obstructive than other brands after taking off the small cushion).

If you plan to use the large cushion, It is better to book the window seat or middle seat when you check in.

If you fly at night, you will have less issue with using the Flypal on the window seat or the middle seat of the center row because people won’t notice you using footrest in darkness.

How do you inflate Flypal inflatable foot rest cushions? Does it come with an air pump? How much time it took to inflate ?

Flypal doesn’t come with air pump. Flypal comes with wide one-way double seal air valves (3 cm in diameter) which makes inflation with month and deflation super fast and easy. When inflating the cushions, please open the valves and pulled the Flypal corners apart and made sure air got into it as much as possible, then close the larger valve and blow the cushions through the smaller valve, the air won’t escape while you inflate. When you need to deflate the cushions, you just fully open the big valve.

If you follow the above instructions, it won’t take more than 1.5 minutes for an adult to inflate two cushions.

Flypal Fireproof Document Bags

How many minutes is the bag resistant to 2000 F?

Flypal bags are made of double silicone coated fiberglass and fire blocking aluminum foil which enables them to withstand temperatures up to 2000⁰ Fahrenheit for thirty minutes. To put that into perspective, if a house fire burned at 1100⁰ F for 20 minutes, the house would be destroyed and extinguished due to all the fuel (burning material) being used up.

What is Warranty?

Our products are made of premium materials with superior workmanship. We are confident to offer a lifetime replacement warranty.

I live in an area where hurricanes occur. Is this truly waterproof?

Thanks to water-proof zipper fully covered by enclosed flaps, Flypal Fireproof and water-resistant document bags are well insulated against water. The inside will not get wet if the outside is exposed to the water for the short term. However, immersing in water or washing the bag in water, water may seep from the bag’s seams. To achieve the best water-proof result, we recommend putting the documents in plastic ziplock bags then packing in the Flypal document bags.