About Us

Flypal, Make Life A Breeze!.

We at Flypal believe that making people’s lives easier means we need to make life more enjoyable by creating ease of mind. This means eliminating stress so that you are less worried and concerned about the little things in life. We believe we can make our world more enjoyable!

Who are we? How did we get started?

My wife and I live in Sydney Australia with two adorable children. I am a CPA and my wife is a Doctor. We all love to travel, but we have experienced how difficult it is for a family to travel with two young kids. Let me explain and see if you can relate to our story.

We flew from Sydney to Beijing two years ago. The flight was a 13-hour overnight flight. Confined in narrow and uncomfortable airplane seats, my 2-year-old daughter couldn’t get to sleep. She was uncomfortable. She cried a lot which made the flight a torture to many passengers on the airplane. My wife had no choice but to hold her in her arms the whole night. After that one night, my wife’s arms became very sore and she could barely move them. It took one day to recover. My wife and I decided to find a solution to this problem to make air travel easier and more enjoyable, not only for the child but for the parents.

We searched the internet and couldn’t find any product except booking a business class! An expensive alternative, eh? After six months of research, I came up with the idea of an Inflatable Footrest, ‘Flypal’, which is light, portable and easy to convert into a bed using the airplane seats and allows children to lie down.

On our next long-haul flight, we tested my invention. We were very happy. Both my son and daughter slept the whole night. We had developed a lifesaver. We then tested our product idea on a bigger scale. We gave our product to friends to try on cars, trains, airplanes and in offices. Everyone loved it and many approached us to purchase.

After appropriate testing and improvement, we applied for a patent and started selling our product on Amazon. We were so pleased to see our product benefit so many people.

Now after two years, we are heavily engaged with our customers. We have received lots of feedback, support and product ideas which we have taken on board. The Flypal Inflatable Footrest has been improved and upgraded four times. Our product has become better and better.
Initially we designed the Flypal Inflatable Footrest for family travelers, but we have found our product has benefited many people with other needs, such as office workers who need to raise their legs to relax, people who need to lift their foot/legs to mitigate leg/foot pain or swelling or helping patients to recover from leg/foot surgery.

Inspired by our loyal Flypal customer community, we are continuing to develop more products to enrich our customer and brand value.