Nekto, Virginia USA

Flypal bags are very light, portable, and convenient for access and storage. What makes this model superior to what I’ve seen and owned is the quality of workmanship. The hidden zipper and cover with the Velcro closures make it truly highly water resistant. Of course, if immersed into water, it will eventually get in, but the bag should certainly withstand rain, hosing, etc. Also, the material seems to be thicker than in most alternatives with reinforced top and bottom, which makes it much sturdier and more fire resistant.

It’s easy to make this bag waterproof by enclosing the contents into plastic bags. Also, enclosing the contents into smaller fire resistant bag(s) will greatly improve the overall level of fire resistance. The more air, which is an ideal insulator, will be inside around the contents, the less it will be subject to heat from the fire. Even loose paper envelopes should be helpful (until they get charred of course). And it’s not recommended that documents and electronics contact plastic directly because it will melt first and damage what’s inside. Use paper bags as a liner.