Maria G, WA USA

“I bought this for travel but figured I’d try it around the house just to make sure it does what it’s supposed to do that it is durable. I haven’t travelled with it yet but as far as it being what they say it is, it is. It seems very durable and we inflated it over a week ago and it is still inflated. I had a hard time inflating it with a hand pump but my husband inflated it by just blowing air into it. It won’t take up a whole lot of room in a carry-on or backpack so I believe it’s going to meet my needs on future travel. I know it will fit in a bulkhead seat but it might be a bit snug in a regular coach seat. I don’t travel with kids but if you need a place for them to stretch out on the long flight just don’t over inflate it and it should fit easily between the seats and the child can stretch out. I’m glad this is the one I picked.”