Diron J, CA USA

I have a broken ankle and fractured foot. I have to fly from Las Vegas to Boston and needed something to keep my foot up during the long almost 6 hour flight. I decided to order this product, hoping that it would work. I just tested it and can’t believe what a difference it makes. I figured that my foot, which is swelling when sitting or standing, would maybe not swell as much being able to keep it up during the flight. I believe that this will work and am looking forward to trying it on the plane. I will post an update after my flight on how well it works. I was so impressed with the trail test at home that I ordered another one for my daughter who will be traveling to Scotland this summer. I figured it would help with the long flight. Once my foot heals I will continue to use mine on flights because I am 5′ 2″ and when I fly my feet do not sit flat on the floor which causes a strain on my back – I think this will also solve that problem.