Unique Designs

Unique Designs

Unlike other travel cushions on the market, FlyPal comes with a set of two different sized cushions, that provides three different heights and sizes suitable for using as a foot rest, leg rest and travel bed.

Ideal Sizing

The shapes and sizes of FlyPal cushions are designed to fit into a car, airplane or train and have the added benefit of providing comfort in your home or office when used as an foot or leg rest.

Great for Any Age

Each cushion is ergonomically designed to suit people of all ages, shapes and sizes. Everyone from small children to the elderly can enjoy the many benefits that FlyPal offers.

Quick Inflation

FlyPal quickly inflates using wide, double-seal air valves. Manual inflation takes as little as 2 minutes, while deflation requires only a few seconds.

Versatile Velcro Feature

FlyPal utilizes velcro fastening which enables the cushions to be joined and taken apart very easily, to maximize its use.

Premium Material

FlyPal’s REACH-verified and flocked PVC material is environmentally friendly and hygienic for added warmth and comfort.

Great for Chronic Pain

Pain can be a nightmare, whether it’s temporary or chronic. Sitting in an office, car or plane can be hard on your lower back, knees and feet. Improper body alignment is a large culprit of musculoskeletal problems due to prolonged sitting or standing so it’s important to elevate and rest your legs. FlyPal knee elevation pillow and foot rest is great for people recovering from surgery or suffering from constant body strain.