• I brought this for a 16 hour flight to Hong Kong. It felt strange to blow it up and it’s kind of cumbersome in a short space. But, it really helps with comfort. I had my feet up while sleeping and I actually got some decent sleep. It won’t turn your coach seat into first class but it does help.

    Daniel W, CA USA
  • Heavy grade plastic, made to last. So many uses, I have used it in the car, at work I keep the small pillow rolled up in my bag. I’ve used it as lumbar support and a foot rest. I’m sure I will find any other uses for these pillows as time goes on. Very happy and good investment for me!

    Damian F, WA USA
  • I have a broken ankle and fractured foot. I have to fly from Las Vegas to Boston and needed something to keep my foot up during the long almost 6 hour flight. I decided to order this product, hoping that it would work. I just tested it and can’t believe what a difference it makes. I figured that my foot, which is swelling when sitting or standing, would maybe not swell as much being able to keep it up during the flight. I believe that this will work and am looking forward to trying it on the plane. I will post an update after my flight on how well it works. I was so impressed with the trail test at home that I ordered another one for my daughter who will be traveling to Scotland this summer. I figured it would help with the long flight. Once my foot heals I will continue to use mine on flights because I am 5′ 2″ and when I fly my feet do not sit flat on the floor which causes a strain on my back – I think this will also solve that problem.

    Diron J, CA USA
  • We bought several of these for our Red Eye flight to Disneyworld. My daughter had 2 children and put 2 in front of each of their seats and made a nice bed for them to sleep. I put the bottom half in front of my seat and was able to kind of curl up and sleep. I suspect that on an overnight international flight it would be even more comfortable. Easy to deflate and inflate and packed really well.

    Yumi L, WA USA
  • “Ok to get this over with, I will write a review. I dislike giving reviews but will do this as a one time courtesy. This is a great product. I for various reasons I need to get my legs up during the day but find it difficult to find something to put my feet on. I would have been so happy to have something like this during my working years. I will probably never fly again but that does not mean I will not use this wonderful and inexpensive thing.”

    Winnie S, Singapore
  • It blows up pretty easily and deflates even faster for quick packing. The cushions are all covered in a flocked material which makes the surface not slippery. So your legs shouldn’t slide off as you get comfortable.

    Just field tested the cushion and it worked as promise. Turned a bulkhead into poor man’s business class seat.”

    Matt T, IN USA
  • “I bought this for travel but figured I’d try it around the house just to make sure it does what it’s supposed to do that it is durable. I haven’t travelled with it yet but as far as it being what they say it is, it is. It seems very durable and we inflated it over a week ago and it is still inflated. I had a hard time inflating it with a hand pump but my husband inflated it by just blowing air into it. It won’t take up a whole lot of room in a carry-on or backpack so I believe it’s going to meet my needs on future travel. I know it will fit in a bulkhead seat but it might be a bit snug in a regular coach seat. I don’t travel with kids but if you need a place for them to stretch out on the long flight just don’t over inflate it and it should fit easily between the seats and the child can stretch out. I’m glad this is the one I picked.”

    Maria G, WA USA
  • I bought this for my daughter’s next trip. This is a must have for a 4 year’s flight,especially for an overnight trip. Last summer, without things like this, she had nowhere to put her feet and didn’t sleep well because of this. I wish I had this product for her at that time. Plus, this is easy to carry and easy to inflate and deflate. I have something similar for my neck and back. They’re really good companions for travel and also save space.

    Sam B, WY USA
  • Got this for long car rides because it hard for me to go long ways without hurting, so I tried this and it was great I could lay back and prop up my legs makes for an easier ride , i recommend this to everyone the uses are many, car, home, plane anywhere really.

    Donna N, CA USA
  • Easy to inflate! We take long trips across the country and this will allow us to sleep in shifts in the back seat!

    Tina M, NY USA
  • I don’t usually write reviews but this product is the exception. I blew it up and put my legs up. it was at a great comfortable level with just the big pillow. It stayed inflated for over an hour before I decided to deflate it and put it away. It may not fit in many economy sections but I can’t wait to try it out.

    Frank M, VA USA
  • I bought one for our annual 9-hour flights to Europe. My 3-year-old has never been more comfortable. It created more space for my daughter to play. It perfectly fit the space in front of the seat and made a bed for my daughter to lay down and had a comfortable sleep. It was easy to inflate by mouth and very easy to deflate and roll up after use. I highly recommend this product.

    Robert T, CA USA
  • So far, so good. When removed from the packaging, the Flypal didn’t smell much (not much off gassing). I blew up both sections and put heavy objects on each piece for 3 days to ensure that there were no leaks. None so far. Although I haven’t used them on a plane yet, I’ve used the small section for a foot rest for my office, and have tried using the larger section on my lap for napping. It works well. Since I’m short at 61″ this combination is perfect for me for both purposes. I have two long overseas flights ahead of me and I’m excited to try them in an ‘operational’ setting.

    Tim S, IN USA
  • I have used this two ways- as a foot rest for myself on an international flight, and as a seat extender when traveling with my toddler.

    The newer version is an improvement on the original. It has better seams and also a nice cover for the foot rest so you aren’t putting g your shoes directly on it.

    It folds up small and fit in my carryon. Blowing it up was a little of a hassle because the new Delta planes have nozzles that don’t put out enough air so I had to manually blow it up. My toddler just laughed at me.

    Sam D, London UK
  • I purchased this for two trans-Pacific flights. Overall, they worked great, and we actually got a look of admiration from the pilot as he walked through the cabin.The one-way valve does make it a lot easier. I found it to be more comfortable to have it flush against the front of the seat so that my feet dangled off the end rather than as a true foot rest where my thighs and calves were left unsupported.

    Rick S, CA USA
  • This inflatable footrest was easy to use, compact to carry and helped me get 7 hours of sleep on a 12+ hour flight. I was seated in a bulkhead area, but I think it would work in most economy seats, although you would probably have an issue if you had a lot of luggage in your under-seat area. It especially helped my traveling partner who had recently had a hip replacement. Elevating legs may help avoid deep vein thrombosis so that’s another probable benefit.

    Sullyh R, TX USA
  • My boyfriend purchased this pillow for our upcoming trip to Australia after scouring Amazon for a sizable inflatable pillow he could use in between his legs for sleeping. He has serious back pain issues and needs a certain thickness of pillow to sleep comfortably, but didn’t want to take along a regular pillow, as we are planning to carry on & travel light. This should be perfect. He used it last night and loved it. So it may become his new favorite pillow to use, even at home! The fabric also seems soft & durable. We’ll see how it holds up for traveling!

    Florecita R, SC USA
  • I never write reviews, but chose to write this review because of the phenomenal customer service that I received with this product. I had owned and enjoyed my fly pal as a desk foot rest for a few weeks when the smaller of the two pieces began to regularly deflate. I contacted flypal and within MINUTES I received an email back notifying me that a new product was being sent to me. For the price and comfort it provides, as well as the unparalleled customer service, I am thrilled with the product.

    Caroline H, IN USA
  • I bought this product initially for my long flight with two kids going from Los Angeles to Tokyo. We had some economy seats and wanted something that would give my kids and my self some extra room to stretch out. This worked amazing for all of us. The kids were able to sit with their legs elevated to the same height as the seat and were able to sleep laying flat with the extra extension of the Flypal. I was also able to sit with my legs elevated so it helped relieve pressure in my legs that I usually feel when traveling long distances and sleeping was nice too since I didn’t feel like I was going to slide down my seat. Inflating and deflating the Flypal was super easy too since I was able to use the air vents overhead. So many people commented how happy my kids were with all that extra comfy space. As they said, “It’s genius!

    Mike West, CA USA
  • This leg rest was exactly what we needed. Our daughter had surgery on both feet and had casts on both legs which made sitting very difficult. The footrest fit perfectly in the car floor in front of her booster seat. It also allowed her to sit at the table, etc. inside the house instead of being confined to the couch. It was very easy to inflate, even without a pump. I would definitely recommend this product.

    Susie Q, CO USA
  • We invested a little extra $$ to upgrade to extra legroom, and bought flypal as a footrest. We were able to inflate it with ease and it took like 3 minutes to do so. It was worth every penny! The long 16 hour flight was more bearable and we slept a good 6-7 hours thanks to the flypal footrest. Definitely going to recommend this product to family and friends!

    Harpreet Singh, FL USA
  • Terrific and as advertised. Takes quite a few breaths to fill up the main pillow but it’s not small so no surprise. Purchased for travel and home use so this gets used almost daily. It’s been over two months and no issues so far. Terrific to take with us on the road so that we can put feet up while sitting at a desk, sofa, etc. in hotels. Originally got recover from foot surgery and has been a life saver. When deflated easy to fold up to original shipping size. Doesn’t take up much room in luggage. For flights in coach don’t use smaller pillow – use a sling style foot rest instead that hangs off fold down table. The sling style foot rest is perfect for flights, don’t see us ever using the either of these inflatable foot rest pillows.

    Earl E. Bird, Sdyney Australia
  • We used the Flypal for a >6 hour trip to Hawaii with our 2 year-old boy and we were so thankful for it! During the flight he sat and played on the Flypal and then later he slept comfortably for 2 hours. Thanks to the Flypal he was able to sleep flat in his own seat. The Flypal made our travels a breeze. I highly recommend this product!

    Ken Wang, CA USA
  • My word is never for sale; I do not accept free items in exchange for my reviews. I used this on a direct flight to Europe. You have to get into your row before the other passengers or you can’t set it up easily. The pieces are Velcro, so you can use the smaller pillow on your side or your head. Excellent innovation. Highly recommend!

  • Love it already! It’s fairly easy to inflate by mouth once you get the hang of it. Also, it deflates very quickly, which is important during travel (unlike others I have used). I also like the neat little bag that comes with this. I can already tell I’ll love it on my next international flight (in a few months). I’m short, so sitting on the plane for hours without a leg-rest is like torture for me. I like that it comes in two pieces and you can prop it up to make like a little bed on the plane. I usually pay slightly extra for an exit row (extra legroom) seat, and will inflate this and cover up with a blanket once they turn off the lights for my own little first-class experience without the exorbitant price!

    Rosemary King, WA USA