Testimonials-Fireproof Document Bags


  • Had tried two other fireproof bags, but neither was as large as advertised. This bag was larger than advertised – had room to spare. Seems well-constructed. It provides (hope we never need to find out!) the protection for our important ‘final wishes’ and instructions for the kids. The bag is stored in an expensive safe with only a 45 minute fire rating.

    Ray N, CA USA
  • Seems to be well built and spacious. Being soft sided, it holds more than I expected. Cant really speak to the fire resistance, but has a nice finish which appears to resist heat.

    Krishew, FL USA
  • The bag is very well-made and has several features I like. It is a good size, has two closures at the top to best protect the interior, has a panel to place in the bottom of the bag to add support and to keep the bag open. The zippers at the top allow for easy access to the interior, which is spacious and contains an extra zippered compartment. The bag itself is lightweight and has a built-in combination lock. I am very pleased with the design and construction of this product.

    Rozalind S, CA USA
  • After reading multiple reviews I purchased several to store important documents in case of fire so I can grab and go. If I’m not home, hopefully they will protect all the important papers, pics, and small irreplaceable items. I like the fact that it has all the features I wanted.

    Sally G, Texas USA
  • I love it. If I have to evacuate, I can have all important stuff together. And know it will be safe in case of fire or floods.

    Linda H, CA USA
  • It’s bigger than most waterproof bags, but yet easy transported. I like the ability to lock the bag. Clever design to lock the zipper. It’s not going to keep someone from taking the whole bag, but does provide some security for the contents.

    DE, FL USA
  • This is an excellent fire and waterproof document bag looking like a briefcase. The material is similar to many others and is certainly fire and water proof, which doesn’t actually prevent the paper and electronics from being ruined by the fire heat. For this, thick insulated walls of a safe are required. So, if thrown in the fire even for a few minutes, everything inside will be destroyed. And this is true for all such bags.

    Nekto, Virginia USA
  • Flypal bags are very light, portable, and convenient for access and storage. What makes this model superior to what I’ve seen and owned is the quality of workmanship. The hidden zipper and cover with the Velcro closures make it truly highly water resistant. Of course, if immersed into water, it will eventually get in, but the bag should certainly withstand rain, hosing, etc. Also, the material seems to be thicker than in most alternatives with reinforced top and bottom, which makes it much sturdier and more fire resistant.

    It’s easy to make this bag waterproof by enclosing the contents into plastic bags. Also, enclosing the contents into smaller fire resistant bag(s) will greatly improve the overall level of fire resistance. The more air, which is an ideal insulator, will be inside around the contents, the less it will be subject to heat from the fire. Even loose paper envelopes should be helpful (until they get charred of course). And it’s not recommended that documents and electronics contact plastic directly because it will melt first and damage what’s inside. Use paper bags as a liner.

    Nekto, Virginia USA
  • This bag holds so much more than the others I’ve looked at. Internal volume is plenty big (soda can for scale) – plenty of space for a couple of big 3″ D-ring binders to fit just fine. I’m impressed by how the closures work as well – the zipper looks very water-tight, and I think would resist water exposure to spray or minor immersion just fine. The velcro fasteners are sturdy, and the design allows for some overlap to protect the closures. I haven’t tested the lock at all – I probably won’t use it, and wasn’t a feature that I was interested in.

    Sean H, AZ USA
  • This firebox is exactly what I was looking for and just as described. I like the fact that it’s zippered all around, plus it has a flap that folds completely over that for the added protection. The shoulder strap makes it easy to move around, especially in the event of an emergency. We liked it so much, we ordered and received a 2nd one!

    Cooper G, PA USA
  • There are so many fireproof bags it could be hard to choose one. What I liked about this bag in particular was the top cover’s flap design and the built in combination lock. You can also add another lock on it, so there’s the added flexibility/security. The flap cover ensures that the contents are thoroughly protected since the cover for any given bag could be seen as a chink in the armor. The material is solid with decent design choices for the outside.

    Sam K, NJ USA
  • A well designed fire & water resistant go-bag for your valuables. Large top opens for easy access. Bag has a handle, shoulder strap and built-in lock. The interior sports a special attached side pouch for your ID, credit cards, passport, cash, etc. I’ll most likely purchase a second bag. It’s seldom a product exceeds my expectations – this purchase was and is a pleasant surprise.

    Kenneth R, VA USA
  • This bag is designed well for carrying large documents or other items safely while traveling. I like that it has a small handle at the top, plus a strap for carrying it on your shoulder. The locking mechanism attaches the two zipper ends in the front and is easy to use, and it has Velcro to securely cover it, as well. The bright red stripes on the bag would make it easy to spot if it were misplaced among other items.

    Ross M, FL USA
  • In my opinion, this fire-proof document bag is better than advertised. It is very light weight, and well lined with fire protective material. Although it doesn’t take up an excessive amount of space on the shelf, it is more than large enough to hold everything I wish to store in it, and then some. The combination lock is easy to use, and I’m certain my documents will be entirely safe.

    Theodore M, MA USA
  • I really like this bag. Holds a lot of documents and things including hanging folders. There’s a zipper closure then another outer closure with side and front velcro.

    Darlenekpr, MA US
  • I was looking for a fireproof, waterproof safe to hold our familys wills, real estate papers which are legal size and larger size photos. This safe fills those requirements. Additionally i can fit a shoebox filled with memories inside as well. A shoe box size is 13×8″ and still have half the safe for other documents. It is lightweight and much easier to carry than our heavier sentry safe. I will being buying another one of these.

    A.C, NY US
  • It has a good space to cover all the important documents i have and it is easy to access all the documents as the zip opening is around the case not on the center top. It has a small pouch inside to keep cash, passport kind of small items init.

    Chandra T, TN US
  • After researching a lot of different fire/waterproof bags, I’m glad I went with this one! It’s very spacious, sturdy, and I feel much more secure having documents/old photos/hard drives/etc in here. I love that the Velcro flaps go all around the 3 sides of the zipper. I didn’t see any other bags that had that added layer of protection. Plus the design is just cool on this bag! I’d recommend it!

    Marry B, FL US
  • This is a great safe way to store anything. I have a growing watch collection and this makes it an easy to store without worrying about a fire or water damage.

    Emilie W, FL US
  • We needed to protect an item larger than a 3 ring binder. This bag is perfect for our needs.

    Richard P, CA US
  • A nice bag that is made of good quality. Holds a nice amount of documents. Unfortunately we can’t say much as there is no fire to test it out. I did put a lighter to it and it held up as expected.

    Roger S, CA US
  • Very roomy-lightweight- wide opening makes it easy to insert large items-like portability-seems well made

    M Kaye, VA US