Flypal Fireproof Document Organizer Briefcase Intro

Boasting the most spacious storage capacity on the market, this smooth-sided file organizer offers ample room for stacks of legal-size documents without unsightly creased edges.

Built to withstand temperatures up to 2000°F, the fireproof bag’s double-layered reinforced fiberglass is coated with high-grade silicone, engineered to lock heat out and lock your valuables in.

The patented triple-flap closure comfortably accommodates all types of valuables, while providing optimal protection against both fire and water damage.

Unique patented collapsible space-saving design makes for convenient storage, with dual zip locks that fasten firmly even when filled with paperwork.

Bolstered by a robust layer of superior quality PP board integrated into the fame and base, multiple fireproof bags can be stacked together for efficient organization and storage.

The fireproof document bag’s sturdy yet sleek design also incorporates a high-visibility reflective band that makes it easy to locate in the dark.

With generously proportioned storage compartments and multiple layers of security, this is the only secure fireproof box you’ll ever need.