Flypal Fireproof and Water-resistant Bag Finest in the Industry

Flypal Fireproof and Water-resistant Bag Finest in the Industry

If you want the most reliable protection possible for your important papers, jewelry, irreplaceable photos and much more, look no further. Flypal fireproof and waterproof documents bag is the answer. The Flypal fireproof bag can protect against intense heat up to an amazing 2000° F. Yet this bag is very lightweight and spacious. Measuring 16” x 6.5” x 12.5” inside, it can be easily filled with more valuables. Pick it up and carry with you at a moment’s notice.


    SGS UL94 certified dual-layer silicone coated fiberglass and heat blocking aluminium foil made to withstand up to 2000°F. The innovative triple-flap offers gap-free protection from fire and water damage.


    Spacious interior size (16”x6.5”x12.5” for XL and 11.6” x 3” x 16” for Large) accommodates even the largest binders with room for a laptop, valuables and more. Our unique U-shape zip closure maximizes opening space for easy access to contents, unlike straight zip fireproof bags, which restrict loading. Also, the interior zipper pouch lets you safely store smaller items like passports, cash and jewelry.


    Thieves and prying eyes are kept out thanks to the built-in combination lock and strong lockable zipper heads. The Flypal fire resistant bag works as a portable safe that you can grab in an emergency.


    Premium materials and solid structure make the Flypal fire proof bags durable for years. A Lifetime Warranty is backed by fire retardant seams, carry handle, shoulder strap and metal swivel hooks. The sturdy base is reinforced with heavy-duty board.


    A padded handle plus a fire-retardant shoulder strap makes the bag easy to carry. A reflective night band makes the Flypal fireproof document bag easy to find in low light. It can be easily folded and stored in a safe or cabinet should another layer of protection be needed.