Fireproof Bags Intro

Don’t be caught out with straight-top zipper fireproof bags that restrict loading space.
Or hard metal lock boxes that are bulky, awkward to carry and hard to pack.

Thanks to the Flypal’s unique U-shape zip closure and extra-large size, you won’t ever struggle loading large document folders, 15 inch laptops and other valuables.

The must-have fire lock box can easily store all your valuables and more.

While most document bags come with no lock or only a zipped head lock, our fireproof bag for documents features both a secure combination lock AND lockable zipper heads.

Unlike most large fireproof bags that use just two layers of fiberglass, the Flypal bag has four-layers for the ultimate protection against fire and flood.

Dual-layered silicon coated fiberglass PLUS heat-blocking aluminium foil provides the ultimate in fire protection, so you never need to worry.