Is Flypal Inflatable foot rest allowed to use on airplanes?

Using the inflatable foot rest as a children’s air bed on airplanes is a grey area. We recommend you check with the airlines that you are planning to travel with to avoid any disappointment.

Most airlines have no problem with using inflatable foot rest at bulkhead seats.

You won’t have any problem to use the small part of Flypal as a footrest on airplane, but some airlines may not allow to use the large part as it might be an obstruction in case of an emergency (even the Flypal is less obstructive than other brands after taking off the small cushion).

If you plan to use the large cushion, It is better to book the window seat or middle seat when you check in.

If you fly at night, you will have less issue with using the Flypal on the window seat or the middle seat of the center row because people won’t notice you using footrest in darkness.