Effectiveness of Footrest Cushions in Rehabilitation Therapy

Resting “properly” is trickier and more important than most people realize for foot and leg recovery. When you are recovering from a surgery, the postoperative management, rest and rehabilitation is essential for determining whether your surgery is successful or not. Similarly, an injury of a leg or foot requires considerable care and proper rehab measures to ensure speedy healing and complete recovery. But why is proper postoperative management for surgery and rehabilitation measures for injuries so important? Imagine you repaired something using glue but didn’t wait for the glue to completely dry. What will happen? The repair is going to break again, and you will end up in the same situation that you were in before. That is exactly what happens to your body structures, such as bones, muscles, tendons, tissues, ligaments, and nerves if you treat them the same way. When you experience an injury or go through a surgery, there may be severe tearing or breaking or your tissues, blood vessels, ligaments, and bones. These torn and broken structures require an adequate amount of time and rest to heal completely. Even if you are 95% recovered and healed from the damage, there is a significant chance that the entire recovery can get reversed if you don’t take adequate measures. There is also a possibility that the secondary damaged caused by lack of rest and care will be more damaging than the previous one. On top of that, poor postoperative management could extend the recovery time and could cause some complications such as swelling, blood clots, and deep vein thrombosis.

Why lifting the leg/foot up is important to leg/foot recovery?

Rehabilitation research indicates that an optimal rehabilitation therapy is a mix of exercises, physical therapy, and care. However, the single most important factor that stands out in any rehabilitation therapy is extensive rest. The simple reason is that elevating the lower extremities reduces trauma to the treated area, which can, in turn, help you with a faster and improved recovery and healing. Researchers and specialists now believe that keeping the damaged foot in an elevated position can be beneficial in a number of ways, such as alleviating pain, reducing swelling, and protecting the patient from potentially life-threatening blood clots.

According to quantitative research, elevating the damaged foot can significantly decrease the risk of getting deep vein thrombosis (DVT). DVT is a result of blood clotting in a deep vein of the leg. The condition can be dangerous and even life-threatening, as any release of the blood clot could transport to the lungs and result in a pulmonary embolism in the lungs. As a result, the oxygen levels in the blood can drastically reduce, and it’s not difficult to imagine what would happen to a person without oxygen!

Most importantly, it can cause a heart failure. Leg elevation in combination with the use of compression stockings can keep the blood flowing easily through the legs and prevent development of DVT. The improved blood flow will further improve the nutrients and oxygen supplied to the injured area which will nurture the cells and help them grow faster, leading to a quicker recovery. This practice will also decrease the possibility of lymphedema or swelling. The approach is to keep the injured foot elevated for the maximum amount of time and allow it to rest.

What is the Best Way to Elevate the Foot?

It is crucial to understand and learn the best way to elevate a foot. Flypal’s engineers are innovative when designing the inflatable foot rest to ensure it complements the need of every individual patient. The Flypal is designed keeping in mind the precise angles of the foot ensuring proper positioning and optimum recovery. Flypal’s engineers and medical specialists believe that improper elevation of the legs and feet can actually slow down the healing process. That is why our designs and materials ensure that the chances of improper elevation are eliminated.

For best results, lie on a flat surface, such as a sofa or bed. Elevate your legs on the Flypal cushions (preferably 6 inches above the heart in the laid-back position). Keep a pillow under head to make sure that the raised angle and height are proper and comfortable. Tilt your thighs by 45 degrees with your knees bent at around 15 degrees.

Practicing the RICE treatment (Rest, Ice, compression and Elevation) will speed up the healing process and alleviate symptoms. According to research, maintaining good blood circulation is very important to avoid postoperative complications and it helps leg/foot recovery significantly.

Compression stockings, foot/leg lifts, and footrest ottoman are the most common methods that are recommended by doctors. However, these methods are either hard to use or they drastically limit the user’s mobility. With the help of Flypal cushions, you can improve your comfort level very easily.

Why Flypal inflatable footrest is the best option?

The recognized and popular Flypal inflatable footrest cushions have the most innovative designs which are regulatory updated and improved under the supervision of engineers, orthopedics and medical specialists. They are specially designed to be soft, light and easy to maneuver. Compared to other inflatable footrest cushions, the unique design of Flypal provides the customer with multiple usages (different heights to meet different needs) for different age groups. Flypal has a record of successfully dealing with chronic pains and conditions. The Flypal designs are not only premium in quality, but they are also styled aesthetically to fit in your living room or bedroom right down to the very level of color optimization. The production process utilizes the principles of ergonomics, sustainability, durability, and environmental friendliness. Added advantages are portability, size variety and ease while traveling, which make it a perfect travel accessory. The ergonomic quality of the cushion and the dimensions of the footrests are additionally unique features which add to perfection of its recovering abilities.


The Flypal inflatable footrest cushion is not only the most popular one but also the superior option in the market. Apart from its reported success and effectiveness, it is also rated as the most convenient solution for all rehabilitation therapies of foot and leg injuries and surgeries. Given the market share and popularity, Flypal offers the most competitively and economically priced products. Check out it on Amazon and order one for yourself now.