6 Health Benefits Of Owning A Footrest

home as a freelancer, chances are you are doing so at a fixed-height desk. This is important because being comfortable while working is pivotal to maintaining high levels of productivity.

Keep in mind that you are seated most of the time while at work, so there are different factors that affect both your posture and your circulation. Using a footrest is one of the most effective ways to counter inactive seating, enhancing circulation and promoting a good seating position.

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of using a footrest while seated at your workstation and how they can help you create a more productive work environment for your entire team.

What Are Footrests Used For?

Footrests are very useful pieces of equipment that are designed to support your feet while you are seated. Although it may seem like they only support your feet, footrests can help better your overall posture and enhance circulation.

Moreover, footrests are the ideal piece of equipment for when a chair is too big for you or one of your employees. If you have adjusted the seat’s height ideally and your feet are not touching the ground, you need to make use of a footrest to prevent bad posture.

These innovative inventions come in all shapes, sizes, prices, and materials. From adjustable versions to inflatable flight-friendly models, chances are there is a perfect footrest for you already out on the market.

Health Benefits Of Having A Footrest

Footrests can be especially beneficial to smaller, more petite individuals. That being said, they provide a great option for all users, regardless of their height or weight. Footrests can have a positive impact and bring both short and long-term benefits for their users.

If your desk does not provide the right height capacities for your needs, a footrest can be a great addition to creating a comfortable experience. By owning and using a footrest, you can:

Take Advantage Of Ergonomic Chairs

Numerous offices are already equipped with fancy office chairs and seating options that are designed with comfort in mind. Despite this fact, individuals from all ranks often suffer from back problems and sore feet, simply because they are too small for the chairs.

Implementing a footrest can help shorter folks take advantage of ergonomic chairs by working as an adjustment mechanism.

If you are not sure whether you are too small for your chair, simply look at our feet. If they hang or dangle uncomfortably, you can use a footrest to improve your experience.

Maintain Better Posture

If you are tall enough for your chair but still experience back pains, using a footrest can help you adjust your posture. By placing your footrest slightly further back you can rest your feet and relieve any pressure that accumulates on your back.

Being able to rest your feet allows you to naturally straighten your back, preventing any slouching or bending over. Finding the right ergonomic angles can help alleviate any current pain and prevent future issues with your back and joints.

Prevent Circulatory Complications

Laying down or sitting in one position for a long period of time can result in poor blood circulation, which in turn results in other long-term and immediate complications. These can range from deep vein thrombosis to blood clots and other symptoms.

Having a footrest to help you keep your feet in the air while you work can help reduce the chances of developing circulatory issues. Not only do they help by maintaining the right angles, but footrests allow you stay active while sitting down.

You can shift your position by moving your hips, pushing with your legs, or simply elevating them from the footrest in order to enhance circulation around your ankles and throughout your entire body, all while sitting down.

Help Stop Joint And Foot Pain

One of the most common results of not using a footrest is foot pain, accompanied by joint aches. The bottom of your feet can quickly get sore if they are left in an uncomfortable position, creating a distraction that can hinder your work rate.

Knees, ankles, and even your hips can become sore if you don’t use them for a long time, and walking to get a cup of coffee doesn’t always do the trick. To counter this, you can develop a small stretch routine you can carry out in your workstation and start using a footrest.

Create A Comfortable Environment

Thanks to technology and extensive research, we now know that comfort plays a vital role when it comes to productivity and professional performance. Because of this, creating a comfortable work environment is as important as being on time or well-trained.

You can create a comfortable work environment in two ways: by purchasing additional items to boost your comfort levels and to change your attitude and mindset. The former can come in the shape of ear plugs, a keyboard cushion, or a footrest of course.

Changing your mentality may be a lot trickier than purchasing an item, however, making small changes that can have a big impact can really change your overall work experience.

For example, you call Mondays your energy day and treat yourself to a nice breakfast and a green shake before heading to work, with the aim of having a more productive day.

Aids Active Seating

Active seating has numerous benefits that range from having a better posture to preventing foot and joint pain. Also known as dynamic seating, this practice encourages individuals to always stay in motion, unlike traditional static-seating habits.

Dynamic seating can accommodate to a large range of natural movements that can stimulate your muscles and neurochemical processes. These result in a better seating experience both physically and mentally, as active seating can even boost concentration levels too.

Final Thoughts…

Creating a comfortable and enjoyable working experience can be a tough task, but achieving high levels of comfort can help increase productivity for your entire team.

Footrests can be awesome additions if you are looking to create a great work environment for yourself and others. They don’t require any installation either and you can start enjoying their awesome benefits right away.